Holiday in Term Time

Term Time Absence

Plymouth City Council have passed a motion at the meeting of full Council on Monday 11th July 2016 that Plymouth City Council will no longer issue penalty notices (which include a fine) to parents who take their children on holiday during term time.

Parents are required to seek permission from the Headteacher to take their child out of school in term time and the necessary Absence Request Form completed. Exceptional circumstances can apply so always check with the school for advice.

As a school, we have been advised to continue to report any unauthorised absence for term time holidays over eight sessions to the Local Authority and although a fixed penalty notice or fine will not be issued, warning letters will be written.

Persistent Absence

As a school, we have a statutory safeguarding responsibility where a child’s attendance falls below 90%. In cases where a parent has not ensured regular attendance, this will be reported to the Local Authority and prosecution will be considered.