Quick Maths

In addition to the daily maths lesson each class does 10 minutes of ‘Quick Maths’ each day.  This gives an opportunity to develop mental maths skills and practice the fundamental Maths concepts such as place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.

During Quick Maths you child will take part in a range of ‘fun’ activities including dice games, iPad games, whole class games and card games.  

As part of Quick Maths your child will complete CLIC and Total Recall challenges once each week.  These activities are a fun and motivational way for children to see their own progress in maths.  It involves completing two short ‘challenges’ where children are constantly challenged to increase their own score and ‘beat that’. 

The CLIC Challenge asks your child to answer 10 key Maths questions that cover a range of mathematical concepts from number recognition and place value to formal multiplication of decimals and mental division.

The Total Recall Challenge asks your child to answer a set number of mental calculations within a set time.  Children build upon the number of facts they can answer in the time available then they aim to complete it in a quicker time.

Years 1-6 complete a different Total Recall test each week for 10 weeks after which they repeat the 10 challenges.  Years 2-6 complete a different CLIC challenge each week on the same basis.

Below is the full set of CLIC and Total Recall Challenges for each year group.