Support For Service Families

Calling all service families!
We are always keen to find out how we can support our service families better. As a result, we would be grateful for your responses to this short, online survey.  Please click on the link and follow the prompts:

 Real Stories
Images from the UK Armed Forces community to reflect family life today.

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Hi Everyone,

We hope you are staying well.

MKC H members have come together with ideas to help those of you with a family member away, or working very long hours so they hardly see you at all.

Take a look at:

Thanks to everyone who sent in their thinking and thanks to Pete for uploading.

 Stay safe.



We are pleased to announce that the RFEA are now offering a Families Programme where we can support the wider services community. We recognise the need to support spouses and partners of serving Armed Forces and ex-service personnel.

Frequent moves, relatively isolated locations, employer reluctance and the complexities of building a normal career often mean that many military spouses and partners can feel like getting back into work is a tough task. The help includes individual employment support to enable career development and to assist clients in achieving sustainable employment.

The programme is open to spouses & partners of those still serving and ex-service personnel, subject to eligibility checks.

To register for support please complete the form on the RFEA website.

 Early Help and Targeted Support Offer

We have developed a consultation document and survey for families, please encourage your families to read the consultation document and complete the survey accessed via this link
There will also be consultation sessions held at Children’s Centres if families would like to attend, the details of the sessions will be updated on the landing page of the family survey shortly.

The China Fleet Country Club is YOUR club - Is your partner away on deployment?  Are you home again and feeling the pressure?  Need to spend some quality time with the family?  If the answer is yes then visit your club, the perfect place to relax.
As a serving Non Commissioned Royal Navy, Royal Marine or Reservist, you and your immediate family are automatic members of the China Fleet Country Club.Visit us and relax in the Aqua Spa (exclusive reduced rates for you), splash about in our indoor pool (no monthly subscription applies for you), enjoy delicious food in the Brassiere (you will automatically receive 15% discount), enjoy a beauty treatment (you will automatically receive 15% discount), or stay the night (exclusive reduced room rates for you)Visit our web site to find out more or call us on 01752 848668 Option 2.

For all the latest event updates, be sure to log onto the Royal Navy forums where you will find the most up to date information. Subscribing to the Welfare Information forum will give you email alerts.