Y6 Home Learning

Ideas for Year 6 Home Learning – Term 1

Reading / Spelling

  • Read your Accelerated Reader book and take the quiz. 
  • Learn the definition of five words that you come across in your reading book but do not understand. 
  • Read a book to your sibling or a family member – this may be in person or via FaceTime / Skype.
  • Read the Knowledge Organiser for our current topic – available via the website. Spelling – the weekly spellings will still be set via Microsoft Teams for you to learn using a strategy of your choice. 

General Writing Ideas

o   Handwriting – write out sections from your favourite book, a poem, song or the newspaper in neatly, joined cursive handwriting.

o   Write a book, film or TV show review.

o   Write a diary of your time at home.

o   Write a story about a theme of your choice.

Writing Ideas linked to our ‘Identity’ topic

o   Write a poem, in a style of your choice, about your identity.

o   Write a set of instructions explaining how to be you.

o   Produce a fact file about yourself or a family member.

o   Track your family tree.

o   Interview a family member about their life.

o   Find out the meaning behind your surname.


o   Use Times Table Rockstars.

o   MyMaths – more details of this to follow, including log in details. 

Topic – in addition to the Home Learning Ideas for the Identity topic

o   Build a model of something which links to your current topic – this may be out of Lego or recycling. 

o   Sketch an artefact / object that links to our current topic – you may need to use Google images.

o   Find out if an adult in your family fits the measurements of the ‘Vitruvian Man’.

o   Set yourself a personal challenge to achieve before Christmas.

o   Start a new hobby.

o   Create a finger print made up of your hopes and dreams. (See example)

o   Create a portrait collage of yourself with your brain collaged out of different media to represent your interests. (See example)