Curriculum Overview

Goosewell Academy’s Curriculum 


At Goosewell Academy, we want every child to be prepared and confident for the next stage of their educational journey by ensuring they reach their full academic potential. To enable this, our curriculum at Goosewell Academy offers a rich coverage of subjects which link to our community in Plymouth, our wider national community, as well as delivering exposure to our global community. We want all our children to achieve a deep understanding of different topics; not only to ensure clear and full coverage of the National Curriculum but also to convey knowledge that will enrich their lives in years to come. 


Reading, writing and maths is at the core to everything we do at Goosewell Academy; key to implementing the curriculum, reading is always our starting point. Each half term, every year group will focus on a different topic which is underpinned through an in-depth analysis of a challenging text and is often supported through a captivating experience. Different topics are represented through a particular area of study such as history, geography, RE etc. As an example, in one half term, Year 4 focus on London, their reading text is 'The London Eye Mystery’ which is combined with a residential visit to London. This exposure to high quality texts and immersive experiences allows our children to develop their ability to write creatively and appropriately for a variety of purposes. During this period, the learning heavily focuses on history and geography to ensure children’s skills are age appropriate enabling children to progress to the next stage of their education. Other subjects, topics and areas of study will also complement one another throughout the year. Within each topic, SMSC (Social Moral, Spiritual & Cultural), PSHE (Personal, Social, Health Education) and FBV (Fundamental British Values) are actively taught and Maths is taught discreetly using a mastery approach. Knowledge Organisers are provided to children and parents at the beginning of each topic to demonstrate the range of knowledge children will be expected to learn. A range of feedback is provided regularly and accurately ensuring misconceptions are addressed quickly. 


The impact of our curriculum is constantly assessed by class teachers and subject leaders; adjustments to planning are made with expectations of outcomes remaining high. Subject leaders constantly monitor the teaching and outcomes of the curriculum to ensure that all children are on track to not only meet national standards but to exceed them. This will ensure that children not only achieve their full potential but also have a deep understanding of the curriculum.