Special Educational Needs

Within the limitations of staffing, class sizes are kept to a minimum in order that teachers may provide work suited to children of all levels of ability and attainment. Steps are taken to identify and provide for the exceptionally bright, the slow learner and the child with specific developmental problems. Some individual and small group teaching is given in addition when needed and resources are available.

A senior member of staff has oversight and responsibility for advising staff and parents when children's development is identified as causing concern or support is requested. In very special circumstances, a child will have such severe problems that he/she will require an ‘Educational Health Care Plan’ (EHC). This is a legal document and requires the local authority to provide help if resources are available. The process involved in acquiring an EHC plan is very lengthy and is applicable to very few children. If you think your child needs an EHC plan, you should contact the classroom teacher and/or the Headteacher for advice.

At all times, parents' co-operation and involvement in their child's development is valued and considered essential if children are to realise their potential.
Plymouth Information, Advice and Support for SEND
Plymouth Information Advice and Support for SEND
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Who can I contact?

Telephone: 01752 482960

Dawn Hackworthy - SEN Coordinator

Claire Phillips - Teacher in charge of the HUB/ASD provision.

Jo Penk - Parent Support Advisor
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