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I have recently read a trilogy that I really enjoyed called The Last Wild Trilogy, which is written by Piers Torday.

The Last Wild: Book 1 (The Last Wild Trilogy)

The first book in the series is named The Last Wild. The main character is a boy called Kester who can’t talk to fellow human beings, only animals. All the animals have died of a virus. On the blurb, it quotes: This is the story of a boy named Kester. He is extraordinary, but he doesn't know that yet. All he knows, at this moment, is this:

1. There is a flock of excited pigeons in his bedroom

2. They are talking to him

3. His life will never be quite the same again

I really enjoyed this book because it was about animals and nature and how important conservation is, so I reckon you would as well!

The Dark Wild: Book 2 (The Last Wild Trilogy)

The second book is called The Dark Wild. The blurb quotes: This is the story of a boy named Kester. He has rescued the last wild in the land, and he thinks his adventure is over. But he could not be more wrong, because

1. A helicopter is flying towards him

2. He can hear strange whispers from below the earth

3. His journey has only just begun

This book doesn't make any sense if you don’t read the first one first. I think this is one of the best books in the trilogy as it’s really exciting and has a great plot.

The Wild Beyond: Book 3 (The Last Wild Trilogy)

The final book in the trilogy is The Wild Beyond. This is about Kester and how he saved his capital city from destruction. A strange dome had risen from the earth and a blue whale had spent her last moments delivering a message to Kester from across the ocean. Kester meets a brave mouse who holds the key to a future with more animals.

I really enjoyed this series and recently Piers Torday released a prequel called The Wild Before which I am reading at the moment.

These books are brilliant, I recommend these books to anyone who is fond of nature and who likes an enjoyable adventure read!

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Tom Gates 13: Tom Gates: Epic Adventure (kind of)

Tom Gates book review by Olivia (age:9)

This review is based on Liz Pichon’s ‘Tom Gates Epic Adventure (kind of).’ Every book has a genre and this one is fiction alongside the characters: Tom (our main character), Derek (Tom’s best mate), Marcus (the annoying one), Amy (she sits next to Tom in class and is super smart),Rita (Tom’s mum), Frank (Tom’s dad), Mavis and Bob(Tom’s grandparents), Delia(Tom’s sister),Granny Petunia and Grandad Joe, Norman Waston.

There are multiple settings here are some: a boating lake, Pet and Joe’s house, and a family outing to Cramberly Castle.

A quick retell of the story would go like this: a girl called Julia Morton has a birthday party at the boating lake but Tom wasn’t invited (or was he???) eventually he got his invitation and went to the party, there was something called a ‘tropical disco’ and Tom wants to go but his family outing was on the same day!! The family outing took so long Tom missed the tropical disco but to make up for it , Tom and Derek got taken to a slipped disco by Tom’s mum and dad.

My favourite part was when Tom wrote a silly story in hope to get good marks on the spelling test. I was in stiches.

I recommend this book for EVERYONE over 5. I like the book because I find it a funny book.

My star rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

 A Normal Pig

Bad Dad: Laugh-out-loud funny children’s book by bestselling author David Walliams

The Treehouse book series by Andy Griffiths reviewed by Ernest


This is an easy-going children’s comedy series. There are 8 books in the series and these books are great for people who read lots of novels and like illustrated novels. There are two main characters, Terry and Andy, who have built many different machines, and are both extreme risk takers and with the help of an animal addicted girl, Jill (who owns an interstellar animal rescue service) they fight powerful enemies, or undertake extreme risks!

I enjoyed these books. Try them out!

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The Promise by Nick Davies (Author) and Laura Carlin (Illustrator)
I enjoyed the story because it teaches us something like, if you made a promise you have to keep it. My favourite part of The Promise was the girl going to other cities and making them a happier place. The illustrations that Laura Carlin did were really eye-catching because there was a lot of detail and bright colours. The moral of the story made me feel really happy because the girls heart changed and it even made my heart change. I liked the girl at the end because she made the same bargain with someone else and hoped it went on through generations. If the story continued I think someone else will do the same thing and make everywhere brighter further than the girl went. If I was to recommend the book I would say someone who likes nature and would like to make a difference with the world.

Why the Whales Came

Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo reviewed by Daisy


Why the Whales Came is a wonderful book about two young main characters called Gracie and Daniel. It is rich in mystery and suspense, an excellent book for excited minds. I would really recommend this book as I have read it multiple times and it still does not fail to capture my imagination. The tale is set on the island of Bryher, which is one of the Isles of Scilly. Gracie and Daniel are best friends who like to make wooden boats but, that is how they met The Birdman. The Birdman is the oldest man on Bryher, he is called evil, mad or a witch. Gracie and Daniel form a bond with The Birdman and he turns out to be the hero of the story.

Written by Michael Morpurgo and set in the first world war, this story has also been turned into a film and a play.

I rate it 10 / 10

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx (Brownstone's Mythical Collection, 2): 0

Marcy and the Riddle of the Sphinx by Joe Todd Stanton reviewed by Luis

It’s an adventure book with a good moral in it. The main character is Marcy Brownstone, she is a young girl who comes from a family of explorers, her parents are famous adventurers. I like this book because not only does it teach you about some Egyptian Gods it also teaches you anyone can face their fears. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes short adventure stories, with some facts and a moral in it.

I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

Image result for Saltra the Stone Charmer
Saltra the Stone Charmer by Adam Blade reviewed by Adam Blade
I am doing a book review on a book called Soltra the Stone Charmer by Adam Blade. This story is an adventure story. I love the main character Tom because he’s extremely determined to collect the magic golden armour and save wizard Aduro. I think I prefer Elenna and her wolf Silver because they have a lot in common one of them being, they are both very loyal to their friends. I love this book because I love thrills and adventure. I would recommend this book to adventurous kids who like thrills and have a big imagination.
I rate this book 10/10.

How to Catch a Star
How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jeffers reviewed by Oliver
The book is about this boy who tries to catch a star. He tries everything just to catch a star but he realises that it is almost impossible but at the end, the boy looked at the water and found an actual starfish. I like this book because it is very funny and that he tries to catch a star multiple times.
I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

Clean Break

Clean Break by Jacqueline Wilson reviewed by Mazie

Clean Break is my favourite book! It is about a girl called Emily she has 1 brother and 1 sister. Emily’s dad gave her a very special emerald ring. Her younger sister is called Vita. Her brother is called Maxie he is always crying because he fears everything. Gran keeps on nagging Emily to stick to a diet. This book has lots of ups and downs with lots of hidden surprises that will tease you into the story.

I really enjoyed reading this book and would really recommend it.

I rate this book 5* a definite recommendation

When I Dream of Christmas (Picture Storybooks)

When I dream of Christmas by Oakley Graham reviewed by Millie

When I dream of Christmas is a book of Christmas definitions. It has facts about lots of Christmas things including The North Pole, Stockings and Baby Jesus. When I first read this book, I was very excited for Christmas to start in my house. The illustrations are bright and colourful which make this book more magical.

I recommend this book for 0-10 years.

I give this book 5 stars.

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The Twits by Roald Dahl reviewed by Lydia

I love this book because it’s very funny and I would recommend this book to anyone because it is so easy to read. I’ve read it lots of times because I enjoy it so much! My favourite part is when Mrs Twit puts worms in Mr Twit’s spaghetti! This book is about an elderly couple who love to play tricks on each other. Their names are Mr and Mrs Twit and they keep pet monkeys who have to be kept upside down in 1 compact cage. Will the monkeys get their revenge? That’s up to you to find out!

The Queen's Fool

The Queens Fool by Olivia in 5C

This historical adventure through Tudor Britain in the time of Henry the 8th tells the story of Cat Sparrow. Cat is trying to track down her sister Meg, who was torn from their convent home and sent to London. On the way, Cat befriends a young actor called Jacques and the pair uncover more and more secrets until they discover the horrible truth ! I liked that each character’s point of view was shown in short chapters. It was thrilling to read all the twists and turns.

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My book review-The Early Years at Malory Towers by Enid Blyton-written by Afia 5C


The book The Early Years at Malory Towers, is set in the 1940’s in Cornwall.  Malory Towers is a boarding school with 12 girls in a form. My favourite character is Darrell River {who in the series is played by Ella Bright} because she is sporty and determined to do things and accepts when she has done wrong. I first got this book from a school book sale when I was 8 and I have enjoyed it ever since.

Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans reviewed by Olivia-Grace


Tom Gates has a collection of books and I am writing about one called Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans by Liz Pitchon. This book is about a boy called Tom Gates, he is a Year 5 boy in a town called Oakfield. Here are some people featured in every book including this one they are: Marcus Meldrew, Delia Gates, Derek Fingle and Rooster. Delia is Tom’s older sister, Marcus is a very annoying person who sits next to Tom, Derek is Tom’s best friend and Rooster is Derek’s dog. However, Tom doesn’t get along with all of these people, Marcus and Delia are people Tom doesn’t get along with but otherwise his friends. Throughout the story there is a choir competition mentioned so you have something to look forward to at the end of the story.

I enjoy this book because I find it has lots of humour and activities, lots of them! I find this book as a funny and good book to go back to. These books can be found as flipbooks as well as normal writing books. Tom Gates have big fat books that have fun, games and information.

I recommend this for all ages because of its humour. I have two favourite parts they are: Tom’s granny’s choice of pizza and Marcus’s fear of spiders.

I rate this book 5/5.

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The Witches by Roald Dahl reviewed by Dexter 5C


I recommend The Witches to kids and adults if they like books with magic. It is funny and odd at the same time. It has over 37,000 words, and has around 200 pages. I find it amazing to read and I think it is a fantastic book. I think my favourite part is when the witches are mice I liked this part because I find it funny.

If you have read one of Roald Dahl’s books before, you might like this one and try his other books.  Younger readers may find some of it scary. You can find it in the school and at Plymstock library. 

I would rate it 5/5.

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Arria’s book report on All Because of Jackson – 5C


I love this book so much! The tale is about a rabbit, who is finally able to get out of his burrow and explore nature. But all he does instead is sway his feet off the cliff side. Watching the tide go in and out of the sandy bay, he says to himself he wants to go away on a boat. So, he decides to ask his parents, but they simply explain to him men kill rabbits and said no. So, he made the choice to be a stow-away. He ran away and was so out of breath he decided to hide in another rabbit burrow. He fell asleep and had the weirdest dream ever he saw a red creature with donkey ears. Whilst stowing away, him and bunny (his girlfriend) explored the cargo hold, became seasick from the motion of the vessel, and also grew extremely hungry, thirsty and weak.

Jackson and Bunny were soon discovered by a seaman who planned to have them for his supper. But then shortly after the captain discovered how weak and frail they were.  He ordered them to be taken to his chamber to be fattened up for cooking. Jackson and Bunny were enjoying all the vegetables and wondered to each other where they would end up.  Little did they know, it would be the captain’s pie dish. Lady Potts and an esteemed guest came to hear about the plot of bunny pie, disgruntled she screamed in horror. The quick-thinking captain offered the Bunny as a gift to Lady Potts, much to her delight. Bunny and Jackson continued their voyage to Australia in complete luxury.

Upon arrival, Bunny and Jackson were transported onto Lady Potts coach and travelled to their new home where they were placed on the lawn.  Lady Potts thought they were tamed so surely; they wouldn’t run away. But Jackson and Bunny had other ideas where they raced away to be the first rabbits who ever set foot upon Australian soil.

I think this was an amazingly funny book and I really loved it. I hope you enjoy my report and my shorted down version of the story. I hope whenever you read this, you get effected by it like I did. I was super lucky this book was in my stage it is 4.6. I love Dick King-Smith and he is a great author. All the books I pick are amazing. Especially this one.

The Ice Monster by David Walliams reviewed by Megan

The Ice Monster is one of my favourite books. The book is set in 1899 and is about an urchin who goes to a museum and finds an ice monster. She becomes very connected with it and sets a mission with a wicked professor to bring it back to life. The main character, Elsie goes through a lot, she escapes the orphanage because her guardian bathes them in maggots and feeds them cockroaches for breakfast. Disgusting right! After escaping the orphanage, she becomes a homeless young girl until an old maid finds her and that’s when she discovers the mammoth.

The Ice Monster is a very engrossing book and when I read it, I never wanted to put it down. I like all of the illustrations throughout the book because they help me imagine what is happening and makes it is a lot simpler to understand. I loved when the woolly mammoth got taken back to its home in the North Pole because he got to see his family again and wasn’t stuck in a dreadful, glass enclosure in London anymore.

I would recommend this book for all of the family to enjoy together or for children aged 7 – 16 to read on their own.

I rate this book 5/5.