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We are the MKC Heroes in Goosewell Academy, we are pupils from service families and we represent all the children who have a family member in the armed forces. We support each other and work as part of a bigger team of Plymouth schools who represent all service children in the Plymouth area. We will take your ideas to the monthly meetings and we look at ways to support each other in school. There is a MKC Heroes noticeboard in the main hall which shows events we have been involved in. A suggestion box will be located in the reception area, where we would like any service child to put in ideas or events they would like to see going on in school.
Military Kids Club; We are looking for new representatives from Y5 to attend meetings, groups and be the voice of the military families from Goosewell Academy. Are you from a military family, are you able to share your views and that of your peers. If the answer is yes please speak to Jo Penk and let her know.
Our MKC Heroes have attended many events since joining , they have attended meetings with M.P.’s, celebrations for the Queens Diamond Jubilee, Plymouth’s Lord Mayors Parade, sung in the Pavilion’s and raised funds for the Royal British legion. This is just a taster of some of the activities this group has been involved in.
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 Hi Everyone,

We hope you are staying well.

MKC H members have come together with ideas to help those of you with a family member away, or working very long hours so they hardly see you at all.

Take a look at:  http://mkcheroes.co.uk/news/look-lock-keep-touch/

Thanks to everyone who sent in their thinking and thanks to Pete for uploading.

 Stay safe.